Friday, October 10, 2008

Home Made Chicken Soup, Part Two

Today we finally moved the meat birds out of the brooder and into the chicken tractor. They were ready for this about a week or two ago, but the tractor had some repair work we had to do and Roger had other things to get done. He was finally able to get to it and they got moved today. They will live in this contraption for the next few weeks. We'll move it everyday so they get fresh ground to forage on, hopefully tilling a new garden for us in the process. But if they don't get it fully tilled, there will still be a couple of tractors of egg laying birds coming along behind them.

For now the new egg layers are still in the brooder. Roger finished the other tractor for me today, but not until later in the day and I prefer to move them in the morning. It gives them the day to settle into their new place. So we'll move them Monday morning. But now they have room to spread out. We still have 23 of them out of the 25 I ordered. Two died in transit and none died in the brooder yet. I think I'm about to lose one, but we'll see. Of the 75 meat birds, we still have 67.

Sam, our 4 yr old, likes to go out and help me take care of the chicks. They have been growing so fast lately that he would look and say, "we have more chickens!" I'd point out that we still have the same number, but they are all bigger now, but he didn't believe me. Then he'd want to know where his favorite one is. They all look alike to me!


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