Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My New Pincushion

For quite some time now I have been saying I am going to get myself a new pincushion. For those of you who know nothing about sewing, that's a little pillow looking thing that you stick your pins in so they don't get stepped on. Anyway, I never do buy one because it seems silly to buy one when I have a perfectly good pincushion already. I've had the same one since junior high when I had to get supplies for home ec class.

My mom taught me early on to always leave thread in a needle when you put it in your pincushion. That way if the needle gets pushed in too far you won't lose it because you can pull it back out by the thread. So I listened to my mother, but my children don't really get it. At least they don't get it when they are little. I've had 9 toddlers so far (Ezra is still too small, but he will eventually I'll bet) pull the thread out and push the needle in. For some reason, they are all fascinated by the little red tomato lookin' thing with pins and needles pokin' out of it. It's gotten to where I don't think I have any needles left except for one really huge one that is too fat to poke through. And it's so long that if you did push it into the pincushion, it would come out the other side. So I've never lost it. It was my last lonely needle.

Last week I was cleaning up over at The Cross and there was a brand new pincushion just laying there on the floor. I asked my friend Maureen if I could have it. I almost never ask for stuff and was amazed and embarrassed that I did that. But she said yes. Who wouldn't? It's a cheap little item. How could you say no? But it made my day. And not just once.

Yesterday I finally got around to doing what I really wanted to do. I moved all the pins from my old pincushion to my new one. Then I cut open the old pincushion and searched through the sawdust (I never knew that was what they were stuffed with) for needles. I found 39 needles in my old pincushion. They are all different sizes. I haven't been able to finish yet, but I am going to thread and KNOT the thread on all of these before I put them in the new pincushion.

Plus I threw out all the old pins that were so bent I couldn't use them anymore. I even grouped like pins together, but that won't last, nor does it matter. But it sure looks pretty for now.

So it made my day last week to get the pincushion and made my day again yesterday to find all these needles. I know, you're all thinking, "get a life."

Thanks Mo! I love the pincushion!



Julie McCarty said...

Maybe it's because it's after midnight, but I'm finding it hilarious picturing you cutting your pin cushion open and being excited to see all the needles! But I would have been the same way. :-)

Christina said...

What a blessing and a gift!

and not in what your thinking! ha ha...

You were blessed with the gift of TIME.
Time to explore the old cushion and discover the needles. Time to assemble them and arrange them into the new cushion.
Even if they new arrangement is temporary.
It's the little blessings, that are somehow lost along the way. :-)