Sunday, November 16, 2008

Homemade Kites

The kids have become pretty creative with finding things to do around here. One of Faith's new hobbies has been to try to figure out how to fly. But this time, I'm not sure what they were attempting. Being as skinny as she is (she's trying to gain weight so don't pick on her) combined with the strong winds we had made for quite a combination. She did NOT fly.


Julie McCarty said...

Kristi Lohnes, Christine Milliron, and I used to do the same thing at recess when we were kids. We used our sweaters and coats to catch the wind. We never flew either, but we had a blast trying!

mo said...

Tell her to jump off the house with an umberilla (sp?). Oh she will drop like a rock. Well you do need a shorter house than yours.

Ha word verification "soccide"

Anonymous said...

I took that video!