Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ready To Eat

Two posts in one day. Amazing, huh? Ezra is taking a nap and though I should be also, I'm not. I'm blogging.

We processed all our chicken last week and have the freezers above both of our refrigerators FULL of chicken. This should be enough to make us soup once a week for a year.

A couple weeks before that we took two cows in to be processed. We did this last year and the meat lasted us a year. These cows were half jersey and just looked much smaller. So we thought we should take them both in so we could have a year's supply of beef. Turns out we were wrong. We ended up with twice as much meat this year and had to run out and buy a new freezer. The new freezer is now full

and the older one is close to full.

We still have room for other things like veggies, butter, and ice cream though. We just don't have them yet. I'm watching for sales though. We're really hoping to get a garden going next year. Our chickens are working on preparing a patch for us and they have all winter to complete that job.

With all these refrigerators and freezers we had to do some rearranging. We can fit 3 in our kitchen. The fourth one is in the back of the pantry. We had to take everything out of the pantry and move the freezer in. Of course, it was too heavy to lift it over the threshold of the pantry door (it's an exterior door since the pantry is not insulated due to the fact it will someday be semi-underground) so we had to unpack it, move the freezer, then re-pack it. And here's our pantry now.
See all the empty spaces on the pantry shelves? I would love to trade some of that beef for canned or frozen fruits and veggies. Wouldn't that be great? We have more meat than we can eat in a year and we'd hate for that to all go bad. We're not allowed to sell it for human consumption because it wasn't USDA inspected or something like that. But can we trade? Or does anybody need to feed their pets? Hey Betsy, if you're reading, could we trade for services if we need them again? ;-) (No, not yet anyway.)

Now, about gardening. We have an empty chicken tractor that is going to just sit there for a while. I'm thinking we could remove the tarp and cover it with clear plastic sheeting and use it as a greenhouse. We could then try to grow some veggies in there right now. Does this sound like it could work? Anyone have any clue? Maybe it wouldn't stay warm enough for tomatoes, but maybe lettuce? I'd love to hear from a gardener who might know if this sounds just crazy or what.



Audrey said...

What a blessing, all that meat!!

YES, you can grow a pretty good winter garden here in TX. I live in NE TX Greenville area, and I have Broccoli, Cauliflour, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Kale and Lettuce growing right now and will have them going all winter. Now Tomatoes might not do well, but ALOT of other veggies will, infact they like it better here in the winter than the summer. Plus you have virtually no bug problems in the winter.

What we do is use row covers that we made out of PVC pipe and then covered with plastic. They are easy to move on and off the rows and we only place them on when there is a freeze a comin. The veggies I mentioned above LOVE cold weather. In fact we missed putting a row over the brussel sprouts the other night when it froze and they did fine!

I wish we were closer I would buy some of that meat from you.

susie said...

I would love to chat with you about a way to trade some of your meat for some other product - veggies, fruit, etc.


Vivian Risse said...

Melissa, I rejoice in your store! What a blessing. But I can't help but ask: Do you have a generator? I would hate to think of a prolonged blackout. I would cry with you! I love your organization--good job! It looks great.