Monday, December 22, 2008

And the Winner Is . . .

We actually had a tie. There were two pictures with captions that got the same number of votes.

Everyone chose their favorite caption for each photo and then chose their favorite over all caption. There were two photos that were each given 4 votes as best caption for that photo and both were also chosen twice as best overall so that didn't break the tie. Since all contestants entered a caption for all 3 photos, we broke the tie by choosing the one of those two who had the most votes for all their captions together.

So the winner is Midwifemama
"Where are my stretchy pants?"

We'll be contacting you about your Little Clay Person!

Second place goes to Lloyd Christmas
What?!?! Can you lick your butt?

There is no prize for second place. You're just Loser #1.

Thanks to all who entered! It was fun and a lot harder to choose a favorite than I expected it to be. The real winner is anyone who laughed at the captions and/or the pictures!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's a BOY!

No no no, we didn't have another baby. But our new cow Flo did! Bruno was born sometime this morning between checks (and Roger was checking frequently so it must have been a quick, easy birth for her). All the other cows were there with her for support. I thought it was kinda cool. Flo was in a small fenced in area and the other "girls" were all hanging out just on the other side of the fence. Everyone wanted to come see the new baby, just like in Bambi. LOL

Here are some pics of Bruno:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Cow

This is our new milk cow. She got here this morning and we think that she is going to be dropping a calf tonight. Big thanks to Dale Wilkins and David Godfrey for the cow acquisition work.

Flo is a Jersey and she has a Jersey or Jersey/Ayrshire calf inside her. We are praying for a heifer.

We were going to name her Buttercup, second place was Gertrude (Yo, Gertrude!). But she doesn't look like a Buttercup. So, we were looking at this picture of her and realized that the spot on her forehead looks like an arrow. Thisway, Thatway and Imwithstupid fell out of contention early. So it was time to Google and it turns out that Flo is a Native American girl's name that means arrow. Since she is a milk cow we are also interested in her having a flow of milk, so our new cow is now Flo.



Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Caption Contest

We thought it would be fun to have a contest. We've got a few silly pictures below. Write the best caption in the comments section and you win. The prize will be one FREE Little Clay Person compliments of Faith. (You can order more to make it a set if you'd like. This would give you free shipping and $5 off your order!) Winner will be chosen by vote of the Nelson family (those who can talk anyway).

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Entering is easy. Click the link below to comment. In the box, type the letter(s) of the picture(s) you want to write a caption for, then type your caption. Enter as many times as you wish. Entrees are due by midnight December 20. We will review the entrees, vote, and post the results sometime December 22. If we have your email, we will contact you, otherwise you will need to check back to see if you won.

Happy Writing!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Edible "Weeds" and Things We Try to Grow

Occasionally one of the kids will bring something in that they found outside and we'll look it up.

Today it was cattail. Clark wanted to know if something he found was part of a cattail. We're still not sure about it, but we looked up cattail and found it is very edible and very nutritious. But the best time to harvest different parts is in the spring. So IF we remember we'll have to try some.

We'd also learned that mesquite pods can be ground into a flour. The kids tasted some and said it's sweet. They called it mesquite candy. They don't get to eat much candy so their idea of sweet may not be the same as someone else's. I haven't tasted it yet. They collected some for me to grind and use as flour, but I didn't get to it before the bugs did. Maybe next year. It seems like I'm always saying "maybe next year if we don't have another baby" and that day never comes. But we now have some children who are old enough to take on these projects if they desire.

We tried making some juice from prickly pear fruit. We didn't like it. I think we might if we added sugar, but I thought that would ruin any benefit to it. But again, maybe it was an excuse because I had a teething baby who doesn't sleep and I just didn't want that big job. It is supposed to make a good jelly and would probably be better for us than all the cheap grape jelly we buy.

Then the prickly pear cactus leaves are also good for you. Some of the kids tried it and liked it. Aren't you supposed to cook it though? They just ate it outside where they found it. I think they wore gloves and skinned it first. They love their pocket knives.

These are all things we have discovered in plenty on our property. They are all nutritious. We just haven't yet tasted any of them. I'm thinking maybe this next school year I'll make it part of our studies and we can see what God has provided for us right here on our own property. Things that are plentiful and considered in the way, i.e. weeds. I wish I had someone to teach me about all these things.

We have finally gotten around to planting some lettuce and garlic chive seeds in a couple of pots in the house. We haven't had any house plants for a long time. If we're going to start now, they ought to at least be useful. We also have 3 old buckets in south windows now with clippings from a friend's tomato plants (thanks Tracy!) that were rooted in water. We'll see if these do any good. Wouldn't it be great if we can get a salad from our houseplants? We do need to find a way to decorate the buckets. They're pretty ugly right now. I'll probably give that project to the kids.

And the chickens are still working on tilling a garden for us for the spring. They're doing a good job tearing up the plants and maybe the top inch of soil, but I think I may need to buy a tiller or something. I'm not sure what I need, but the ground is pretty hard out here. I know I have a LOT to learn still.

My dream is once we get the porch on the house I want to grow herbs all around the house instead of a useless flower garden. There are plenty of flowers on plants I would use. Herbs I buy and would love to grow myself if I can include peppermint, spearmint, stevia, red clover, hawthorne, lavender, mullein, lemon balm, echinacea, nettle, horsetail, licorice, thyme, and I think there are more, but Claire and I can't think of them right now. So I need to look these all up and see what I can grow and harvest and use without paying someone else to do it for me. Again, so much to learn, but I think it will be fun. I just have to be sure at least one kid is interested in each project so they can help me keep it going IF God decides to bless us with another baby and I need time off from projects.

Just thinking out loud here.