Monday, December 22, 2008

And the Winner Is . . .

We actually had a tie. There were two pictures with captions that got the same number of votes.

Everyone chose their favorite caption for each photo and then chose their favorite over all caption. There were two photos that were each given 4 votes as best caption for that photo and both were also chosen twice as best overall so that didn't break the tie. Since all contestants entered a caption for all 3 photos, we broke the tie by choosing the one of those two who had the most votes for all their captions together.

So the winner is Midwifemama
"Where are my stretchy pants?"

We'll be contacting you about your Little Clay Person!

Second place goes to Lloyd Christmas
What?!?! Can you lick your butt?

There is no prize for second place. You're just Loser #1.

Thanks to all who entered! It was fun and a lot harder to choose a favorite than I expected it to be. The real winner is anyone who laughed at the captions and/or the pictures!!


Amanda in RI said...

too funny!

oh, and congrats on the new baby cow!

Midwifemama said...

I can't believe I won! I'm so amazed!