Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Caption Contest

We thought it would be fun to have a contest. We've got a few silly pictures below. Write the best caption in the comments section and you win. The prize will be one FREE Little Clay Person compliments of Faith. (You can order more to make it a set if you'd like. This would give you free shipping and $5 off your order!) Winner will be chosen by vote of the Nelson family (those who can talk anyway).

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Entering is easy. Click the link below to comment. In the box, type the letter(s) of the picture(s) you want to write a caption for, then type your caption. Enter as many times as you wish. Entrees are due by midnight December 20. We will review the entrees, vote, and post the results sometime December 22. If we have your email, we will contact you, otherwise you will need to check back to see if you won.

Happy Writing!


Mo said...

A Young Roger as "Committee Man"

Roger in his younger years. When he was old enough to control his super human powers, he was given a cape. Now in the back of the of Chamber of Commerce building in the small & unsuspecting town of Coleman he is the mild manner Roger Nelson by day, but by night he is "Committee Man". With his super human powers he flies to every committee & board meeting in town, and with those stealy blue eyes he can see through the scams of any shyster that has unwholesome schemes for this small & unsuspecting town. He is a favorite at Baptist Churches.
Some have said that he was once a star in "I Dream of Jeannie". Super human powers and his name 'just happens to be Roger Nelson' a mere coincidence? I don't think so!

Mo said...

#2 "Twisted Clark"
What began as a harmless game of "twister" twisted Clark into this shape. After much discussion the family decided it would be much better for everyone to leave Clark this way. Now when they go on a family outing they just slip a loos belt around his midsection & simply pick Clark up & carry him. It seems the Nelson household has been a lot calmer since this latest developement.

Word Verfication: scoldend
Melissa scoldend the children, but Roger beatend them.

Mo said...

#3 "A litter of Nelson"

After several years of waiting during the customary 2 years of being pregnant, breastfeeding, weaning, then being pregnant again, breatfeading, weaning...and after much research, Melissa discovered she had the fertilty ability to have a litter of children. Much like the concept of buying in bulk, birthing in bulk is much more convient & time saving. And with several children the same age it has made homeschooling much easier.

Fred McCarty said...

Volt Von Munchinsonton finally makes it to the secret laboratory. Capeless and confused he's still ready to fight. (pic 1)

But it's too late. Professor McMansteam has released his insidious toxic nerosniggle gas.

And now the Thumbsuckers of the World unite and take over? (pic3)

This can't be. Stay tuned....

Anonymous said...

#1 - I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt.

#2 - Look away, just look away so that this image doesn't get burnt into your cornea.

#3 - In drought stricken west Texas the Nelsons find a new way to get the wash done.

Art Bugatti

Midwifemama said...

#1. "Where are my stretchy pants?"

#2. "Oh, there they are!"

#3. "Coleman County method of blowing up the air mattress. Now, at the count of three, all blow together."

-Betsy all the way from Zanzibar

BlondiefromTexas said...

pic #1-Superman to the rescue and of course in his knee socks cant let your feet get cold


BlondiefromTexas said...

Pic #2-Clark the strechy boy here give me a pull ill never break


BlondieFromTexas said...

Pic #3-Maybe if we blow enough air it will mske us fly


barry said...


"Hunger pains got you down and you just can't fight off the urge to eat something any longer, do what millions of eight or nine fingered people have already done."

barry said...

"Introducing the newest and best home defense system available anywhere in the free world, the GuardClark GDS."

barry said...


"Ok y'all, I have had it with all of this nonsense. I am taking over now, and I am in control of this house."

Katie said...

Katie said....
#1 "Where is my Cape?"

#2 "What are you lookin' at?"

#3 "Udderly Ridiculous"

Mo is very funny. Must be related.

Lloyd Christmas said...

(1) Who needs a cape? I got socks!

(2) What?!?! Can you lick your butt?

(3) Kids trying to be firemen.