Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Cow

This is our new milk cow. She got here this morning and we think that she is going to be dropping a calf tonight. Big thanks to Dale Wilkins and David Godfrey for the cow acquisition work.

Flo is a Jersey and she has a Jersey or Jersey/Ayrshire calf inside her. We are praying for a heifer.

We were going to name her Buttercup, second place was Gertrude (Yo, Gertrude!). But she doesn't look like a Buttercup. So, we were looking at this picture of her and realized that the spot on her forehead looks like an arrow. Thisway, Thatway and Imwithstupid fell out of contention early. So it was time to Google and it turns out that Flo is a Native American girl's name that means arrow. Since she is a milk cow we are also interested in her having a flow of milk, so our new cow is now Flo.




Julie McCarty said...

Welcome to the family, Flo!

Anonymous said...

Cousin Mo,
Please don't call her Auntie Flo!
Your Aunt Darlene might not like that!