Saturday, January 10, 2009

Can you lick your elbow?

Yeah, really important question, huh? Years ago we heard that you can't lick your elbow. So of course, we all tried. None of us could do it EXCEPT for Faith. Somehow it came up over lunch just now and she checked. Sure enough, she's still got it!

The question is, can YOU lick YOUR elbow?

Sorry, we just haven't had anything more important to blog about lately.

Our windmill seems to be working now, but I haven't been receiving updates. I can see that it's spinning, but I'm not sure about how much electricity it's generating.

Ezra is taking a few steps here and there, but not really walking yet. I'm ready to not have to carry him around all the time, but not so ready to chase him down.

We're discussing our options for building a barn near our house. Next to that will be a chicken run for our chickens that are supposed to be giving us eggs. We're not getting any eggs though. And then next to the chicken run will be a garden of some sort. That's all future stuff though.

We're about to graduate our second student from our little home school. Mitchell will be 17 soon and finishes up his course work for me just before his birthday. We're proud of him.

Oh, and one more thing. We are NOT ready to sell or rent out our old house. If anyone asks you, tell them no. When we are ready, we'll put a sign in the yard, but it will be a long ways off yet. We really want to finish the house we're in before we worry about where someone else will live. Selfish? maybe. But that's where our focus is. I'm just bein' honest here. We get asked at least once a week if we will sell or rent out that house and it's just not habitable right now.

So we haven't been blogging because there just isn't really anything to tell you. Everything is coming up, but not here quite yet. That always seems to be the way winter works, isn't it? Full of dreams for later.


Audrey said...

Nope cant lick them around here, but Jordan can lick Devons elbow. LOL

Ann said...

I can't even get my elbow to my in the world could you expect me to lick it?? But, ya know I'm not very talented! Congrats on getting Mitchell so close to graduation...
Paul will graduate this May in a nice little ceremony with some others on the Horizons list.

melissa said...

Nope, can't lick the elbow.

Just thought I'd drop by and see how you are doing.

Keep in touch.

Melissa Barker

tracey said...

Too funny. I can't and have never even seen anyone do that. Didn't even think it was possible. lol.

Tracey said...

Melissa, I just nominated your blog for a double award! See details at

Wendell said...

As a recently retired cotton farmer from north of Lubbock, I'm intrigued by someone who "leaves the city for the simpler country life". For one thing, my life making a living as a farmer seemed pretty complex. How have you found the reality of it? A brief cruise thru your "blog" (something of which I'm mostly unfamiliar), I didn't notice anything to "make a living". How is that working?