Sunday, February 08, 2009


We got an egg today! Actually we got 8 eggs! The older girls, 7 of them, each laid an egg today! Way to go! And one of the newer chickens who will be 5 months old tomorrow laid an egg today too! Roger came in (it's my job but I was inside with the flu. Figures I'd miss their first egg.) with this little bitty egg. We were excited! There are 19 hens in the newer batch so we'll have lots of eggs soon.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Stephen We Love You

Our children missed their brother and were so excited he was coming home for a visit that they wrote him a song.

This is the warm welcome he received.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Family Picture Day

I posted our funny face picture in the sidebar. Here are some of the other pics we took that day. Those of you who are my friends on Facebook probably already saw them, but here they are anyway.

Congratulations Stephen and Elizabeth!We didn't get individual shots of everybody. The sun was bright and some of the pics ended up with really squinty eyes while others had long shadows across faces. We're not professional photographers here! This is Sam, age 4 1/2.
Mitchell, 17
Joy, 6 1/6 yrs old
Gloria, 2 2/3
All the girls: Elizabeth, Faith, Joy, Grace, Claire, and Gloria
All the boys: Ezra, Stephen, Clark, Mitchell, and Sam
I just couldn't resist this shot. Stephen and Elizabeth walking with Gloria who adores them both. Gloria is very excited about the wedding plans. She keeps asking me if Elizabeth is wearing a dress yet. Today she told me that I'm not married because I'm not wearing a wedding dress. Faith laughed and explained that you don't have to wear a wedding dress everyday. It would be good for all girls to learn that there's more to marriage than a wedding. ;-)
The whole family. back row: Stephen, Elizabeth, Melissa, Roger. middle row: Ezra, Grace, Faith, Gloria, Mitchell. front row: Claire, Clark, Joy, Sam
Stephen and Elizabeth, the happy new couple

Roger and Melissa, the happy old couple
Melissa and the girls
Roger and the boys
All the kids

Walkers, Cluckers, and other stuff

Seems like a lot of changes are taking place around here. I'm not sure I'll remember to mention everything, but here's what I can think of at this moment.

Ezra is now walking. He'll be 11 mos old in a couple of days. He was taking a step or two every now and then last month, but now he's walking all over the place. He stops and starts, falls down and gets up, and even dances and changes direction. I have caught him running a couple steps, but didn't really encourage that much. He'll do it in his own time anyway. This week he seems to be trying to talk. Grace predicted it. Faith was gone last week playing chaperone (I'll get to that in a minute) when Ezra really started to walk well. Grace is gone this week for the same reason and before she left she said, "Ezra will probably start talking this week." Sure enough, he is now saying bye bye or hi while waving. He says night night. He asked for Clark yesterday but left out the l-a-r. In other words he just pointed and made a big strong "CK" that clearly meant Clark. And I've watched him "practice" several other words silently. This boy is so adorable. Watch out little girls, he'll break your heart someday without even meaning to. He's got these eyes that will just melt your heart.

Mitchell turned 17 and graduated from high school last month. This is our second child to graduate and we are very proud of him.

And if all that isn't enough to make a parent feel old, Stephen got engaged. We knew it was coming since we'd heard he asked the young lady's father for permission. He came home for R&R leave time and took Faith with him to go visit. While there, he proposed and Elizabeth said YES. They then came here to spend the weekend and I made everyone get their picture taken together. I'll be updating the family photo with our new "funny face" shot sometime soon. It will be another year and a half probably before they tie the knot.

Farm changes, not much happening with the house. But we are building a barn and sport court outside. The barn will give Roger a place to set up shop and then be able to get some stuff done on the house if he ever finds the time. That man is busy with so many things!

I blogged a couple posts ago about how the chickens weren't laying any eggs. This continued for quite some time. I was about ready to process them and have some more soup, but our freezer is still pretty full so I thought of another idea. I started noticing that there were days when I would see bits of shell laying around. So they were laying, but someone was eating the eggs. I blame the rooster because I caught him doing it once. We have two chicken tractors that the chickens sleep in at night. They free range during the day. I took the doghouse that was laying around unused and separated the top and bottom. I put one section in each tractor, the bottom section upside down. This gave the girls a pretty deep place that was tall enough for them but a little too short for the rooster. And it worked. They lay their eggs in there now. I've gotten 3-5 eggs a day since then. The younger chickens have the bottom half and they should start laying soon. They're about 5 mos old now. One of them turned out to be a rooster and he crows and fights with the other rooster occasionally. Mostly all our chickens are very tame and love to follow me around. There is one that really likes Ezra and the feeling seems to be mutual.

Another change in our future is that our 3rd child, Faith, is about to begin driver's ed. I'm hoping to get through the book learning part with her before her 15th birthday so she can have a whole year to practice her driving. It seems that the longer they practice, the better of a driver they'll be when they are on their own. So we'll have another driver before too long.

I guess I should be feeling old with all the growing up my kids are doing, but in a few weeks I will turn 41. There's something about that "1" part that sounds so young.