Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Family Picture Day

I posted our funny face picture in the sidebar. Here are some of the other pics we took that day. Those of you who are my friends on Facebook probably already saw them, but here they are anyway.

Congratulations Stephen and Elizabeth!We didn't get individual shots of everybody. The sun was bright and some of the pics ended up with really squinty eyes while others had long shadows across faces. We're not professional photographers here! This is Sam, age 4 1/2.
Mitchell, 17
Joy, 6 1/6 yrs old
Gloria, 2 2/3
All the girls: Elizabeth, Faith, Joy, Grace, Claire, and Gloria
All the boys: Ezra, Stephen, Clark, Mitchell, and Sam
I just couldn't resist this shot. Stephen and Elizabeth walking with Gloria who adores them both. Gloria is very excited about the wedding plans. She keeps asking me if Elizabeth is wearing a dress yet. Today she told me that I'm not married because I'm not wearing a wedding dress. Faith laughed and explained that you don't have to wear a wedding dress everyday. It would be good for all girls to learn that there's more to marriage than a wedding. ;-)
The whole family. back row: Stephen, Elizabeth, Melissa, Roger. middle row: Ezra, Grace, Faith, Gloria, Mitchell. front row: Claire, Clark, Joy, Sam
Stephen and Elizabeth, the happy new couple

Roger and Melissa, the happy old couple
Melissa and the girls
Roger and the boys
All the kids


Anonymous said...

I think your pictures look great. I'm jealous you all were wearing short sleeves in January looks like it's warm where you are.

Gail Heaton said...

I want to be a facebook friend! I'll go make a reuest right now! Love your blog!

Amanda in RI said...

These are beautiful pictures!!!!