Thursday, February 05, 2009

Stephen We Love You

Our children missed their brother and were so excited he was coming home for a visit that they wrote him a song.

This is the warm welcome he received.


Mo said...

Oh we need lyrics to this wonderful song!

WV: ditch

Julie McCarty said...

Hard to tell the words to the verses, but the chorus is adorable. That little Sammy-Sam-Sam showing a stinky face is priceless. And Claire looks so cute like Meg Ryan! Loved the video!!

Melissa Nelson said...

Chorus: Stephen, we love you even when you're annoying
Stephen, we love you even when you forget to shower.

Even though we say that you're smelly
Even though we say that you're weird
We still miss your horrible stenches
Or we would if we didn't have our brother Clark


Though your hair may be gross and greasy (when you have it)
And your feet may smell like all the poop in the zoo
But that's okay we love you anyway
And we love to be around you as long as we have stuffy noses


Please don't shoot us with your overpriced air soft guns
Or bury us in all your piles of junk
Even though you waste your day watching movies
And make us eat that disgusting army food


Even though we know you don't like what we're singing
True as it may be
I'm thinking it's time for us to run
Before you try and hurt us


Ann said...

It's nice to see the love for their sibling! I LOVE the chorus!! Maybe Mark will sing a similar song when Paul moves away!

Anonymous said...

awww that is so cute i love it

AmH said...

That was very cute! Looks like a very close family :)