Thursday, March 19, 2009

Garden Pictures and More

I went and checked on the garden today to see how much it worse it would look in daylight. I was pleasantly surprised. We had little seedlings sprouting up still in spite of the chickens bathing in the dirt. Looks like we may get some carrots and lettuce and beans. Strawberries were completely torn out of the ground, but they didn't look like they were gonna grow anyway. Since this isn't really where I want to have a strawberry patch, I only bought a package of strawberry "bulbs" and tried to plant those. They were just the roots. Nothing seems to be happening with them. And since the chickens tore them out of the ground, I could see that I was right. Nothing was growing at all. But I stuck them back in the ground to try again. We'll see.

Anyway, I took some pictures. And when I went to load them I found some others we never shared.
This first ones are from February. See the ditch along side the house? We've had that for over a year. But in late February, Roger finished the part of the project that needed the ditch to be there. He has filled it in. It went around 3 sides of the house and there were several along the 4th side. It has to do with the earth tube project which is going to be our heating/cooling system. And someday we'll get that blogged about. Anyway, the bridge to get in and out of the house is no longer needed. The pipes have been laid and covered with dirt. And sometime soon we should be getting a porch. This is all very exciting!!
Next is the sugar cube/donut castle. This was a school project with assistance from the preschoolers and toddlers.Here's a pic of the garden tractor.This is a close up of the raspberry bush. Roger's got this cool watering system set up. There's a bucket beside each plant with a tube and some sort of a drip spout so that the plant gets watered.

And finally some pictures of our orchard. I couldn't get all the trees in one picture because even though they are still small, they had to be planted far apart, right? But there's another row that looks much like this one. Then I also wanted to share the peach blossoms and a pic from under the apple tree.

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Gail Heaton said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your bucket watering system. I can't wait to show it to my husband! It may just solve our garden problems - at least as far as the arid conditions Now what to do with those grasshoppers!