Sunday, March 08, 2009

Our webpage is gone now

We've pretty much given up on trying to sell our stuff. We were no longer using our webpage, so I cancelled it. But if you live nearby and need/want something, feel free to contact us. If we have surplus, we'll be glad to sell/barter with you. Like right now we have an egg surplus. I'd love to find someone I could trade with. I'll share my eggs with you, you share your homegrown tomatoes, homemade bread, or babysitting services with me. ;-) I'm sure we could work something out.

But I also wanted to mention Little Clay People. We were letting Faith use space on our website to sell her Little Clay People. That site is gone now. If you are interested, you can just comment here and she'll be glad to get in touch with you I'm sure.

Sorry we haven't blogged much, but we've been busy. Roger's been working hard and is just about done with the earth tube project. I'll have to get him to explain that one. But we're hoping it's gonna be a bit cooler in our house this summer.

I've been trying to get a garden started. I've got it planted and we're just waiting now to see if anything grows. I used one of the chicken tractors that was no longer housing chickens. We put raised bed gardens in the sides of that with an aisle down the middle. I've marked a grid with string and we're experimenting with square foot gardening. Hopefully something will grow for us this year. I pray over the plants and seeds every time I water. I haven't had a successful garden in about 15 years so I need help from the Guy who created the plants in the first place!


PS To order Little Clay People or for more information you can contact Faith at If you'd like to see her work you can go here to see what our contest winner received.


Audrey said...

I cant wait to hear how the earth tubes work!

Gail Heaton said...

You are starting a garden already? Does jealousy alway have to be a sin? lol. It was -5 this morning.