Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Roger's been busy doing big things. This project isn't done yet, but when it is, I get to start organizing things. And for the first time in nearly 4 years, we'll get to see things we put in storage before we moved. I'm drooling over the chance to organize our stuff--especially getting our books back!

I just did a little thing I never thought I would do. I pierced my daughter's ears. Claire got her ears pierced last year at a jewelry store for her bday and it was horribly done. One of the holes was so low that the earring pointed down at the floor. We took them out and let it grow back with the promise I would let her try again. So today we went to Walmart to see if they pierce ears still. They do, but their gun is broken. We could either buy a DIY kit or wait a week or so. Claire had waited so long I finally agreed and we bought it. I knew I had to do it right away before I lost the nerve. And it's done. I don't recommend it though. It was easy except the backs didn't come out of the cartridge properly. The first one left the gun stuck to her ear and the second one just didn't come out of the cartridge. I had to pull it out and attach it to the back of the earring myself. But this was a better problem than earrings that are in the wrong place.