Friday, May 15, 2009


Two disappointing things this week.

1. There's almost nothing left of my garden. I still have potato plants that are growing from potatoes that sprouted in our house. They look great above ground, but no idea down below. Same thing with the carrots. Our broccoli has bolted from the heat now. And the mint is doing fine. Everything else has been devoured by those cute little roly poly bugs. I searched the net and found mostly that they don't eat live plants. That's a lie. If you have garden soil that is about 1/4 roly polies, they will eat your plants. I tried diatomaceous earth and it did nothing. I tried little traps. I caught a lot of them, but it was just a drop in the bucket.

I'm not giving up yet. I also read that they are at the largest numbers in the spring. Maybe I can get something to grow this summer while it's too hot for the roly polies? We'll see. But meanwhile, if there is anyone who can grow good garden fresh veggies and would like to trade for fresh cream or eggs, I'd love to hear from you.

2. Gloria got a hold of a pair of scissors and chopped her hair off. It was bad, but we could hide it a bit with a headband. But then she got a hold of scissors again. So we had to give her a haircut. I cried as I cut off the sparkly blond ringlets that were so beautiful. It was sort of a laugh/cry because I also knew I should just get over it. We saved them. I'm not kidding about sparkly. When the light hit her hair just right it looked like glitter. But no more. Now she is a light brown headed kid. Still beautiful. Just different.

As I finished the hair cut and realized she looked good, I said to her, "your mom is a good haircutter!" She didn't miss a beat and replied, "And I'm not!" We laughed and she promised she'll never cut her own hair again. We shall see.

Hmm. This is the best pic we managed to get of the new haircut. The older girls took pictures for me, but they took this one and then put her hair in pigtails so it's not quite the same. You can see though that she really chopped the side pretty short. I tapered it along the sides to try to make it look better, but in pigtails, you see that some of it is just too short to go back in the ponytail. Oh well. It will grow.


mo said...

On pests have you tried dawn soap & water spray?

Anonymous said...

Gloria is still beautiful. I was a little older than her when I cut off my long braids. I don't remember Grandma crying but I bet she did!

Anonymous said...

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