Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our First Farm Baby is Three

For those of you who have followed our blog long enough, you'll probably be amazed that it's already been three years since Gloria was born. If you'd like to see the story, just click here.

So here it is three years later and she's still such a beautiful girl. It's funny how she thinks the world belongs to her and can get very possessive about things, but today, as she was getting presents, she mostly shared without fussing. I was amazed. For you David Crowder fans out there, you know the song, "Everything Glorious"? Well, she thinks it's "Everything Gloria's" and figures God made everything for her. Maybe now that she's older and wiser she is learning that isn't true. Or maybe it's just that since she had an earache she didn't want to fight. Poor kid was miserable today, but still happy that she got a cake with a horse on it. She's asked for one for almost a year.

Thanks go to Grace for making the cake and ice cream and Flo the cow for providing the cream for the ice cream and the whipped cream.

And now, just because it's a good video and an awesome song, go listen to this: Everything Glorious by the David Crowder Band.

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