Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Porch

This is a bit late in being posted, but then again, who gave me a deadline? If I had a deadline, I'd have gotten it done on time. No deadline means do it whenever. In this case, a month after the fact.

In early April the concrete was poured for our porch. We had talked about a wood porch, but this is termite country and the cost of concrete went down enough it was worth it. There are several benefits to concrete and we're happy with it. The porch roof will come later. You can see there are places to add the supports for it, but one step at a time. One thing is for sure, when you build a house as you live in it, you learn patience and appreciation for each detail.

When we first chose the paint colors we chose colors from nature. The house was going to be the color of a wheat field, the trim was to be a green that we found on a rock in the lake, and the door was going to be burgundy because we like bright colors and had to have something brightish in there. Well, we started painting and realized we really like bright colors, so we're working on choosing new colors. Anyway, that's most of the reason we never finished painting. It's hard to motivate yourself to do a big job that isn't turning out satisfactorily.

For over a year we used some boards and rocks to create make-shift steps to get up into the house. This wasn't the safest set up but it worked better than the huge step down to the ground from the door. Ezra was never allowed to walk in and out the door although he often tried. He has loved being able to go in and out the door all by himself. The screen just swings, without a latch, so he can just push it open from inside and pull it open from outside. It's pretty much a childproofing nightmare. But we have a hook and eye that we use to lock it and it works to hold him in the house as long as no one wants to come in from outside. We're all learning to just use the other door which is so easy to do when you just walk around the house on a porch instead of around a ditch for earth tubes!!

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