Friday, June 26, 2009

Laundry Update

We've been a little busy lately. I caught up with all that laundry. Bought a new washer and that helped a lot. I think front loaders are just not made for people who do 3 large loads a day of really dirty laundry including diapers. I got one of the last two regular top loaders in Abilene. I wanted one that uses real water and rinses away the dirt. Apparently before long you won't be able to buy one anymore. For most families that may not be an issue. They say these new high efficiency things will save you up to 54% of the energy and up to 46% of the water. So I did the math.

I figured since I do each load 3 times to get it almost clean, then I need to multiply my energy and water use by 3. If I am saving 54%, then I am using 46%. If I am saving 46%, then I am using 54%.

46% x 3 = 138%
54% x 3 = 162%

Since both of those numbers add up to more than 100%, my savings have become actually HIGHER costs, not savings. Plus, our clothes were wearing out faster and still not clean after those 3 washings. So we had added expenses there. With my new "low efficiency" washer, I can even wash diapers without any trouble.

And get this, I got the same size tub as my front loader, but now I have the big post thingy in the middle so it should hold less. But it holds more. Turns out they use different standards of measurement for high efficiency machines. I don't get it enough to explain it, but it's sort of like they get extra credit for size because they are more efficient. Seems like just a lie to convince us all it's a good thing to me. Anyway, what I do know is that I am using the same laundry bags with my new washer as I did for my front loader and when I put a "load" into the new washer, there's still room for me to run around the house and gather up some of the stragglers I find laying around. Pretty cool.

So the rest of you enjoy your high efficiency machines. I'll enjoy my "old-fashioned" top loader that uses water and be glad I didn't have to revert so far back in technology that I'm using that washboard we once bought at an antique store. (I was getting a little worried there.)


Julie McCarty said...

Glad you found something you like. You're probably right that soon enough it will be illegal to sell the old kind of washer. Heaven forbid we do anything considered negative towards Mother Earth.

I'm still happy with my new washer, but strictly because of the size and lack of wringer. Hopefully I won't end up with the problems you had. Fred has some pretty dirty work clothes...

Kim said...

I love my top loader and it's big -- Kevin washed his full size comforter the other day and it washed just fine!

We bought it over the front loader because even with the energy savings, it would take us years to recognize the difference in price!