Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CNN = slanted load of crap

This morning I was cruising through some news sites and there in CNN's feed it said "Commentary: Health Care Can't Wait" Turns out it was Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services. I read it, I disagreed and I commented. My comment was that I would trust government health care when my congressman, senator and president all had the same plan they wanted me to have. By the way, congress is exempted from having to follow this law. This is very typical as they are exempt from the almost all the laws they draft, other than raises.

So after I posted I noticed that CNN moderates the posts it allows. I went back three hours later and there were 25 comments under the Sebelius commentary. Mine did not make the cut. Most comments were like this one: "Need to get it done, sooner the better for this country. Only people still resisting are the ones profiting the most from the current system and those that are manipulated by the profiteers' misinformation." This is the comment from Geodin on CNN. At 7:30 p.m. there were about 40 comments, 15 or so more than when I checked at around noon.

At noon the "Commentary" tag on CNN had changed to note it was Sebelius and there was another one right under it "Boustany: Democrats' plans are a prescription for pain" Rep. Charles Boustany is a congressman from Louisiana. At noon there were 75 or so comments to his column. Most were like this one from Rob "Yeah, this guy thinks everyone should be able to pick "quality" healthcare. That is, unless you cant afford it. Then you deserve to die in the streets, right? It's about time the health system was overhauled."

I have yet to see a scientific poll that shows support for health care reform outstripping opposition among the population. Yet it seems there is overwhelming support on CNN. Maybe not, maybe they are so in the tank for BO that they even slant the reader opinion sections on the web page.

No MAYBE about it.


PS - just wanted to let this be known so that next time you hear about voter outrage on CNN you will know that they can't be trusted to play it straight.


Julie McCarty said...

Well, I'm pretty sure I already knew that CNN couldn't be trusted, but this was pretty interesting. I love fuel for the fire -- something we need a lot more of to get people active in the fight. Thanks for posting!

The Nelsons said...

I was aware of the slant, just not the brazenness. I wasn't even nasty in my comment, the same cannot be said for the comments they allowed for the Republican's column.

mammamolina said...

Hope you don't mind me jumping in. I've read your family's blog for a while and enjoy following a long. Anway, I have noticed this before from CNN and most of the other network news sites. Yesterday MSNBC had a poll about the tax increase to pay for this bill. The wording of the questions were such that no matter how you voted you were basically saying you supported the bill. Very frustrating. I was encouraged from the comments that most people got this and 54% were against the tax increase.