Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Melissa's Random Thoughts on Moving Again

I guess I must be part gypsy. Actually, I don't know anything about gypsies. Are they real or some mythical creature? What I've always heard is that they like bright colors, steal/collect children, and move around a lot. Many times I've selected colors and been told, "hmm, that seems a bit gypsy-like". I've never stolen a child, but I do have an awesome collection of them. And there have been times we almost stole one accidentally when some random child just starts following the crowd of kids. It's usually as we're leaving a place and they try to wander out the door with us. Gets me some dirty looks sometimes, but hey, it's really not my fault. I am watching to be sure I have my kids with me. Can't they watch to be sure their ONE kid stays with them? Anyway, by some people's standards, I move a lot too. I don't think so. I love to move though. I love the adventure of finding a new home, meeting new people, and just change in general can be so exciting. I don't mean this when it comes to some of the political changes here lately, but that's another subject altogether which I do not feel like blogging about today. In the last few months I've had several moments of panicky feelings at the idea that we were settled forever here. I can't explain it, but it just didn't sit well with me. When I'm not moving, I'm rearranging furniture or making some other change in our home. It seems to keep me going.

Before we left Grapevine there were some signs that it may be time for us to go but we didn't pick up on them until after God said go. Then we could see that God had really prepared us for the move long before it was time. We were still sad to leave our friends and family, but there was an adventure ahead and we knew we were following God.

This time, I've been seeing we had several things that seemed to be in transition all at once, but I didn't connect that perhaps God would move us again. There were also several issues I was concerned and praying about but didn't know how God would answer these prayers. I believe He was preparing us to move again. Looking back, I can see the signs. And again we'll be sad to leave friends we've made, but there is adventure ahead and we believe we are following God.

I am personally so excited about this that I am losing sleep. The loss of sleep isn't so good, but I love to be this excited about something. I wake up at night and my mind just starts going fast with all the thoughts about a new house, and how to move from 68 acres to, well, we're hoping for 3 right now. So many unknowns and new possibilities and I just can't shut my brain down.

As time allows I will try to blog about some of the steps involved. I wondered aloud on Facebook if we should keep blogging and it seems there is interest still. Several people suggested changing our title and continuing to blog but at least one of my friends pointed out that we're weird enough that pretty much anything we do will cause people to say, "You're doing what?" So we'll keep the title.

Hopefully we'll have news today about what house we're moving to. Just waiting for a phone call. . .


Ann said...

Can't wait to hear about your newest adventures! My in-laws live there so that will be cool when we come out see them, maybe we can see you guys, too!

Amanda said...

I hope you keep blogging! :)