Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Weird Garden

I've mentioned my garden a time or two I believe. I've had trouble with gardening ever since we moved to Texas in 1994. There is some obstacle every time. There have been normal things like droughts and floods that have wiped out my garden attempts. But there have also been unusual things like getting a new puppy who decides to dig, eat or pee in the garden until there is nothing left of it. This year it was, I thought, the roly polies. Every year I fight it until I decide it just isn't worth it and then I give up. This year pregnancy nausea (it's not right to call it morning sickness when it lasts 24 hours--yes, I have it when I am up at night with kids) convinced me that the garden is not worth the trouble.

So tonight, after something like 4 inches of rain, I went out to take care of the chickens and my "garden tractor" is right there. I figured I should just take the door off it and let the chickens get in there and maybe eat some of the really tall weeds that grew in there. That's when it struck me how odd it is.

I've attempted the square foot garden method this year. So I purchased compost, vermiculite, and peat moss and mixed it together in the garden. I spread it out across the area and made a grid with string. Then I planted. The stuff I planted to the left of the door (my garden was in an old chicken tractor that we weren't using for chickens) grew, but we had a late freeze and most of it died. Then when I replanted, it was spring stuff--carrots, brocolli--and herbs. The herbs are still growing. To the right of the door, everything I planted either didn't grow or died right away. Seeds didn't sprout. Or if they did, they disappeared by the next day. It was strange. Then I discovered roly polies covering the plants and figured that was the problem. But we had them on the other side, too, and they did get a few of the plants over there.

But tonight I noticed that I had tall weeds growing all around the outside of the garden and all through the middle where I had a walkway. To the left I had lots of mint growing everywhere. To the right, nothing. Not even weeds. Not one thing is growing over there. Well, wait, I planted some fennel seeds which sprouted and one little plant is still there but it hasn't progressed beyond seedling in over a month.
What you see when you walk up to the "garden".

The left side of the garden with mint, an empty space where I pulled out the carrots, and tall weeds leaning over it.
The right side of the garden. The cups were traps to try to catch roly polies and I caught plenty. Interestingly, the spiders figured out that was a good place to hang out. But look, nothing growing.
Here you can see the weeds are tall inside and outside the tractor and even in front and behind it. Tall weeds are surrounding the garden, but nothing growing in my supposedly really great dirt.

So what's the deal? Did I buy bad compost or something? I mixed bags of stuff separately for the two sides. I've just never seen anything like this. Anyone have any thoughts?

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Julie McCarty said...

Maybe you should re-watch "Signs"... ;-)