Sunday, July 26, 2009

A post in which Roger explains why the family is moving from Coleman to Clyde

So, here is how our move came about. On July 13th I was in a conference call and one of the folks mentioned that the Mayor of Clyde, Texas was the acting City Administrator and their application process was going poorly. She mentioned to me that I ought to call him to see if any of my contacts in the city management profession might want the job.

Having never been to Clyde I drove up to take a look and it was a nice looking town. I figured I'd just go ahead and apply – the deadline was looming in two days, July 15th. I talked to Melissa and she just looked at me and said “Go for it.”

I found an old resume and updated it, wrote a cover letter and drove up on the afternoon of the 15th. On the morning of the 16th they called and asked me to come to an interview at 8:45 p.m. on Monday, July 20th.

On the 20th I interviewed and drove home. As I was talking to Mitchell and Faith my phone rang and it was the Mayor asking me to come come back the next night at 6 p.m.

On the 21st I went back for a second interview and it turned out I was the only one left in the candidate pool. I met with the Council for about two hours. I drove away from the meeting and about 30 minutes later the Mayor called and offered me the job. I took it. We are moving.

Four years ago I wanted a change. I wanted to know my kids, to break from the rat race in the metroplex and to not have to worry about the daily grind of city management. Now, I still want to be close to my kids and I believe that I will be able to even thought I have a five day a week job. Clyde is a city of about 3500, that is way less than the 45,000 in Grapevine. Clyde is not in the DFW metro area and we are trying to get a house where we can keep our cow. A big difference from being in the metroplex. I will still get stressed out, but I will also get to milk a cow every morning and that seems to be a good way to cut through the stress before it ever gets started.

So, we will need to change some of the blog description, but it will still be a running log of the weirdness that is the Nelson family.



Julie McCarty said...

Still weird, I'm sure, but less so at the moment. :-) Either way, I love y'all!

Gail Heaton said...

yes, please keep the weirdness!