Thursday, July 30, 2009

Preparing to Move--Selling the house and acreage

We have found a new house in Clyde and are looking forward to the new adventure God has in store for us there. Meanwhile, there are some things we have to finish up here in Coleman County.

We have been working for the last, um, I don't even know how long--two and a half years?--on building a house. Now we need to sell it. We haven't finished it yet and will need to come back each weekend and work on the house so that we can finish it and sell it.

I'll be honest. I'm mentioning this here in the hopes that there is someone who would love to come here and finish the work we started. If you are interested in buying our fenced property with 60+ acres (great for hunting as we know we have deer and turkey and dove and quail and have never even had to try to attract them), a pond, a 2200-ish sq ft house that isn't finished, but is certainly fine for living in, a 30x40 ft barn/workshop with electricity and concrete floor--adjacent to a large concrete pad, another barn on the property, a storage building off the driveway, solar panels that help offset the electric bill, and I'm not sure what else to tell you, please contact us. You can comment here or email Roger at mgrbik [at] We would offer a good deal if we don't have to finish the house. Once it's done, all bargains are over. We'll lose our motivation to be generous.


Ann said...

praying you sell fast and pain free!!

Mia said...

I just stumbled across your blog and love it! I do hope you continue posting--I agree with your point of view!