Thursday, July 02, 2009

Weird Garden or Ignorant Gardener?

Today was homeschool park day. The topic of gardening often comes up. So today I was sharing about how my garden has nothing growing on one side. I commented that even the potato plants that had gotten so big had completely died. My friend Tracy just smiled. I appreciate that she didn't outwardly laugh at me. Then she explained that that is how you know when it's time to harvest your potatoes. Okay, I knew that, but I expected it to be Fall. I had no idea it would be so soon. So I feel stupid.

So I checked the dirt under those very dead potato plants and I found a potato for everyone still living at home. Sorry, Stephen, none for you! And this is just from a couple of potatoes that had sprouted in the house. I'd never really intended to plant potatoes. I just figured I'd see what happens. I didn't even cut them up like I guess I was supposed to do. I just took the sprouted potatoes and planted them in the ground. I was experimenting. I guess I never really expected anything to come of it.

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Julie McCarty said...

Cool! That is something I think Zoey would find fascinating! I was wanting to do seeds with her, but they take so dang long I thought we'd better wait until next year. Since the potato had such quick turn-around, she might make the connection better. So you just took an old potato that had started growing and planted it in the ground whole? Then when the sprouts look dead, you dig in the dirt to find potatoes? I think even I could do that.