Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Latest Adventure--Panivino Grain

You probably already know that we eat a lot of all-natural kinds of things. One of the things we do is to buy wheat berries, grind them, and make our own bread. To do this, I have to drive 2-3 hours to get our wheat berries. That's a long drive. One way to handle this is to buy a LOT all at once and not have to drive as often. But that means I am gone all day and so the kids go with me. When the kids go with me, we have less space for cargo in the van because we are filling it with children. So I have to go more often because I can't fit as much wheat at once.

So we've decided it would just be easier if we became wheat distributors. There is no one else within a 2-3 hour drive from here. Yeah, I'm probably crazy taking this on right as I am awaiting the birth of our 11th child (I'm 38 weeks today and really getting excited about meeting the new baby soon!!). But our oldest gave me some good advice: wait until the baby is born and then place the order for the first truckload of wheat. It's supposed to take 6-8 weeks to arrive so that gives me some recovery time before we unload the truck and load up our shed.

So if you live anywhere near Clyde, which is 15 miles east of Abilene, you may want to take a look at the price list and see if you are interested. Otherwise, the rest of this post will completely bore you because it's just more details about the wheat and stuff.

The first order will be placed mid-February and should arrive early to mid-April. If you would like to special order or make a request, please contact Melissa Nelson at

Prices subject to change
Products that will be stocked:
45# pail Prairie Gold® Wheat Berries $35
2# Pure Montana Honey $10
45# pail Long Grain Brown Rice $65
Also, freshly ground flour will be available if you order it at least 24 hours in advance and get small quantities at a time--like 5-10 lbs. We will grind it for you that day. Price will be $4 per 5 lb bag and will be packaged in a plastic bag closed with a twist tie. You can freeze this to keep it fresh and it will be fresher than anything you can buy in the store.

Products that are under consideration (please email if you would like to purchase these products. I need to know if there's enough interest to stock them.):
45# pail Bronze Chief Wheat Berries $33
50# bag Prairie Gold Wheat Berries $28
25# bag Prairie Gold Wheat Berries $18
50# bag Regular Rolled Oats $42
45# pail Oat Groats $53
45# pail Pinto Beans $63
25# bag Golden Flax Seed $47
45# pail Soft White Wheat $35
25# bag Long Grain Brown Rice $36

Products available through special order if you order by mid-February:
50# bag Bronze Chief Wheat Berries $27
50# bag Red Chief Organic Wheat $29
25# bag Bronze Chief Wheat Berries $16
50# bag Hard Red Winter Wheat $27
45# pail Hard Red Winter Wheat $30
50# bag Bronze Chief Premium flour $28
50# bag Prairie Gold Premium flour $30
50# bag Natural White Premium flour $29
50# bag Oat Groats $48
50# bag Wheat Bran $30
25# bag/45# pail Whole 7-Grain mix $34/$60
50# bag 7-Grain Rolled/Flaked $42
50# bag Cracked 9-grain mix $65
25# bag Pinto Beans $34
25# bag/45# pail 11-bean/pea mix $45/$85
12# pail Pure Montana Honey $50
4/10# case Natural White Flour 40# case $26
4/10# case Prairie Gold Flour 40# case $26
4/10# case Bronze Chief Flour 40# case $26
8/5# case Natural White Flour 40# case $29
8/5# case Prairie Gold Flour 40# case $29
8/5# case Bronze Chief Flour 40# case $29
8/3# case 7-Grain cereal 24# case $28
8/3# case Rolled Oat cereal 24# case $28
50# bag Kamut $59
50# bag Soft White Wheat $30
50# bag Whole Wheat pastry flour $35
50# bag Spelt Flour $47
50# bag Spelt Berries $45
45# pail Spelt Berries $46
8/5# case Bronze Chief Berries 40# case $29
8/5# case Prairie Gold Berries 40# case $29

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Pets vs Farm Animals

Through the years that we lived in Coleman I was able to keep the number of pets we had down. We had lots of animals and my philosophy was that the animals should have a purpose. That was then, this is now.

We have our cow out in the back yard, but that's not enough. The chickens are still in Coleman with a new family. We have a dog, but apparently that's still not enough. We have a cat. We even are "dogsitting" Stephen's dog these days. Still not enough?

Clark, 9 yrs old, has been trying to talk us into all kinds of pets. Chameleon, Peregrine Falcon, snakes of various sorts, anything but the ordinary. We decided he needed something easier to care for as a first pet. So we are getting a pair of guinea pigs. We should be able to get them Saturday. So today Grace and I put together the cage. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, but it wasn't that horrible either. I just wouldn't recommend it to someone who is 35 weeks pregnant. It gets a bit hard to lean over and reach some of the parts you're working on.

Here's a pic of the cage. We got our instructions off the internet at this link.
We still need to add the bedding and stuff, but the little critters aren't gonna be here for a couple more days. And no, we won't be building any fires in our fireplace for a while.