Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Writing Books--Year K

Here is Year K which would be used for 10th grade.

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The link to the scribd webpage. I don't know why the title changed. I tried deleting and uploading again and it did the same thing. Weird.

Writing Books--Year M

For their senior year I have the kids write a research paper. I got this off the internet, but here it is in our book format.

Year M Writing Book

And the link to the Scribd page

Writing Books--Year L

We use this in 11th grade. It is a Literature course and really could be done at any time during high school. Two of our kids have done it concurrently with another level. They seem to be in a hurry to graduate and get out of the house around here. Too noisy perhaps?

Level L Literature

And click here to go directly to the Scribd link.

Writing Books

I stopped uploading the books before I was done because the ones with cursive all look blotchy. I couldn't figure out how to fix this. But I heard from someone who downloaded them and printed them. She said that they looked blotchy until she prints them and then they are fine.

Maybe someone out there has a suggestion how I can get them to not look blotchy? But otherwise, if you want to just see how it looks, you can print a page or two and see if it works out.

I'll try to get the last two books uploaded now if I can still remember how I did it.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Writing Books--Year J

9th grade

Level J Writing Book

link to level J

Writing Books--Year I

8th grade

Level I Writing Book

Link to Year I

Writing Books--Year H

7th grade

Level H Writing Book

Link to year H

Writing Books--Year G

6th grade

Level G Writing Book

Link to year G

Writing Books--Year F

5th grade

Level F Writing Book

Here's the link

Writing Books--Year E

4th grade

Level E Writing Book

The link.

Writing Books--Year D

Here is Year D (3rd grade)

Year D

And the link.

Writing Books--Year C

Here is Year C aka 2nd grade. There is a brief description of how this works on the Year B post.

Year C

And here's a link to view it elsewhere if it won't load fast enough.

Writing Books--Year B

Here is the Year B book. I would consider this 1st grade. If I remember right the font ended up smaller than I intended, but none of my kids have really minded that yet.

They do copywork every day. Also we set a timer and they spend 5 minutes working on their assignment. That's it. At the end of the week they choose one assignment and try to edit it to the best of their ability. Then they bring it to me and we edit it together. This is how they learn spelling, punctuation, etc. Once their writing is edited, they re-copy it and we save that copy. The idea is that at the end of the year we bind all those into a book and save it. But you could also just save them in a notebook.

Year B

If it takes too long to load this, you might prefer to go here to view it.

Writing Books--Year A

I've put together copywork and writing assignments for my kids so I don't have to do this every year. Each year I just print out their books. These have some typos, but for the most part they are very usable. Occasionally I will share them with friends. I have never heard back from anyone if they like them or use them, but they have worked great for our family. I am attempting to share them here for anyone interested in trying them out. Each book will have it's own post. I've got K-12, but they are labeled as Years A through M so that they can be used whenever I feel it is necessary without having a "grade level" assigned to them. Sometimes kids need a little more time to learn to write before you move them on to reports and such. I don't believe in pushing them too soon. And so far so good. I had one student who absolutely hated writing and cried whenever he had to. I used this method to teach him to write--copywork plus 5 minutes a day of writing on different topics. Then we chose one piece of writing per week to edit and re-copy. He ended up writing several novels just for the fun of it.

So here is Year A. I use this for Kindergarteners or Pre-K--I start them in it when we do the Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons book. The first 100 lessons go with that book.

Year A

Here's a link
to view this elsewhere in case it's too slow loading here.