Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Best Time To Shop

I haven't been blogging much.  I've just been too busy.  And then I figure, who really is interested in reading about our lives?  We just get through each day with nothing special going on.  But I love to write, just like I love to talk.  And as Roger will tell you, it doesn't matter if what I have to say is interesting, I'll talk anyway.  So I decided to just write anyway, too.

Ever since I became a mom (just over 20 years ago) I've been trying to figure out when the best time of day is to take my little kids shopping.  I have learned that I can take the big kids just about anytime, but since I still have little kids, I have to work at WHEN to go.  Before homeschooling, it was pretty easy.  I would go around 10 so I could get done before they got hungry.  After lunch was naps.  And if I wasn't busy making dinner after naps, I still didn't want to go shopping because that's when the After School Rush begins.  Just after that is the After Work Rush.  And then after that we'd be busy eating dinner, giving baths, and getting kids to bed.

It got more complicated when I added in homeschooling.  We can't go in the morning or the kids won't do school.  We've tried school in the afternoons during naps and occasionally that works.  But frankly, I'm too tired to stay on them or help them if they have questions, so often nothing gets done.  For years I just went shopping after the kids went to bed because Roger could be home with them.  That worked just fine. 

Then we moved to the country where everything either closed early or was far away.  I started doing more shopping online, but some things you just have to actually go to the store.

Mornings are a nice time to go shopping.  It seems most of the other shoppers are older women who love to see my little ones, or other moms of young children who understand occasional tantrums.

Lunchtime is awful.  My kids are hungry and cry too much and I can't do any shopping.  Just a quick grab and run--no browsing allowed. 

Naptime is awful.  The little ones are crying or sleeping in the cart.  I do have kids old enough to babysit now and so occasionally I will go by myself.  But I've found that the more often I go by myself, the worse my children behave in public when they do go with me.  I guess they need the practice and training of shopping with Mom.  Besides, I like to be home at naptime for the same reason I don't like to do school at naptime.  I get tired.  I'm up throughout the night.  I need at least some downtime, if not a short snooze when I can sneak it in.

So that leaves us with the After School Rush or the After Work Rush.  Yesterday found us shopping for clothes during the After School Rush.  That wasn't so bad because that rush doesn't really affect the clothes stores.  But that put us at Walmart during the After Work Rush.  Let me describe what that can be like for a large family.

First of all, it is always crowded when I go shopping.  I have all these little people around me who tend to stand right in front of whatever I'm trying to look at.  They can't help it because they can't read my mind.  So I try to be a little extra patient.  I did well with that yesterday.  Then there are all these impatient people who want to get their shopping done so they can get home.  Most of these are people who either no longer have small children at home, or have chosen to put career first and avoid children.  Or maybe just have the obligatory 1 or 2.  Now, I'm not saying everyone with no children or just 1 or 2 is rude.  Not at all.  But it seems that the After Work Rush is usually full of people who just don't like kids.  We get the most stares, rude comments, rude looks, etc at this time of day.  I think some people think we don't notice them, or maybe their mothers never taught them the well known rules "Don't stare" or "If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all."  But we notice and we hear. 

A couple of my kids have stared back before.  They said it doesn't affect the Starers.  I can deal with the stares and the people who are visibly counting.  The ones that I feel sorry for are the ones who look at us with disgust or say rude things either to us or within our earshot.  They just seem so loveless.

So we endured the comments, stares, and rude people who seem to think we have no right to shop, then on to the checkouts.  This is usually a 20 minute wait and is a nightmare.  I dread it.  I'm pretty sure Walmart has it down to a science--if the wait is too long people may not shop there, if it is too short, they are paying too many checkers--and keep it just the right wait that we will all still shop there.  We chose our line and turned all the Cosmos backward--and a few other offensive magazines, too, this time--swimsuit season.  Then I look up and the woman in front of us was just finishing loading up her purchases.  She looks at the kids, looks at me and asks, "Are they all yours?" I inwardly groan, but outwardly smile and say, "Yes they are."  I LOVED her reaction.  She gave me a big smile and two thumbs up!!  Woohoo!  I got to spend the next few minutes chatting with a fellow child lover.  It was so pleasant the wait didn't seem nearly as long.

If only all Walmart shoppers could be friendly.  Life would be so much easier.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Grain Price List

I've had a request for a price list for wheat which made me realize I haven't posted a final one here yet.  It takes me some time to get my head back together after I have a baby.  But she's definitely worth it.

Here's what we've got.
45 lb pails Bronze Chief Wheat  $33
45 lb pails Prairie Gold Wheat  $35
45 lb pail Long Grain brown rice  $65
50 lb bag Prairie Gold Wheat  $28
50 lb bag Rolled Oats  $42
2 lb jar Honey  $10
5 lb bag Prairie Gold Flour  $4

We are willing to sell wheat that has been ground by us into flour.  We will grind it fresh the day you buy it for $4 per 5 lbs.  Just please let us know in advance so we have time to get it ground for you.  We will do 5 lbs at a time.  Right now I have a limited number of bags of flour that are already ground.

We can also sell you some fresh roasted, salted peanuts for $2 per pound.  We started buying these in bulk and LOVE them.  We'd been buying a name brand, but these are so much tastier!  Anyway, we figured we could pass them on if anyone wants to get some while you're here.  We use our juicer and grind them into peanut butter.  It makes the BEST all natural peanut butter you'll ever taste.  And no need to stir it either!

Call before coming to be sure we're here.