Sunday, May 02, 2010

Grain Price List

I've had a request for a price list for wheat which made me realize I haven't posted a final one here yet.  It takes me some time to get my head back together after I have a baby.  But she's definitely worth it.

Here's what we've got.
45 lb pails Bronze Chief Wheat  $33
45 lb pails Prairie Gold Wheat  $35
45 lb pail Long Grain brown rice  $65
50 lb bag Prairie Gold Wheat  $28
50 lb bag Rolled Oats  $42
2 lb jar Honey  $10
5 lb bag Prairie Gold Flour  $4

We are willing to sell wheat that has been ground by us into flour.  We will grind it fresh the day you buy it for $4 per 5 lbs.  Just please let us know in advance so we have time to get it ground for you.  We will do 5 lbs at a time.  Right now I have a limited number of bags of flour that are already ground.

We can also sell you some fresh roasted, salted peanuts for $2 per pound.  We started buying these in bulk and LOVE them.  We'd been buying a name brand, but these are so much tastier!  Anyway, we figured we could pass them on if anyone wants to get some while you're here.  We use our juicer and grind them into peanut butter.  It makes the BEST all natural peanut butter you'll ever taste.  And no need to stir it either!

Call before coming to be sure we're here.


Zoey's Mom said...

Why don't you have to stir the peanut butter?

Melissa Nelson said...

Well, after a while you would, but the stuff you buy at the store has sat long enough to separate plus they add oil. When we grind it ourselves we don't add oil and it's fresh enough it hasn't yet separated. I make enough at a time that it lasts about 2 months. We do not refrigerate it. In the winter we don't have to stir it. In the summer (we keep it 80-82 in the house) we have to stir it a bit before using it. But it's never hard to stir like it was when we bought peanut butter.