Monday, June 07, 2010

A Really Big Surprise

The kids and I went to Colorado Springs this weekend to see our oldest son, his new house, and his fiancee.  We had a fun weekend, then drove all  night to get home.  I thought this might be easier since the kids would sleep and we wouldn't need to stop as often.  That didn't work out well, but we did get home safely. 

While we were gone, Roger planned a surprise for us.  This is the new view out my kitchen window.  I love it!!

While we were in Colorado Springs, I had all 11 children together for the first time ever.  I took pics, but I have to say, they aren't that great.  No one was especially happy at the time.  I had all these people who are used to flat west Texas up in the mountains and they were feeling a bit nervous on the trail (especially me and we know how children pick up Mom's mood!).  Then in the midst of this nervousness, I have them pose for a picture on a bridge--which just added to the nervousness of course.  Oh well.  They are beautiful enough people to make up for it.