Saturday, September 18, 2010

Samuel's Eyes

Samuel has been wearing glasses for the past two years because he has lazy eye.  (I'm sticking with the non-technical terms here.)  The doctor had been very optimistic that he would not need surgery at first.  But then 6 mos ago he changed his prescription and made it stronger.  He didn't say anything, but there was a look of concern on his face and he firmly told Samuel to be sure he wore his glasses all the time.  He wanted to see him again in 3 mos. 

We went back for another visit on Friday, June 18, and I could tell there was trouble.  When they did the vision screening at the beginning, he had to work to get the 20/40 line with his glasses on.  He didn't see any of the 3D images pop out at him.  The doctor looked at his eyes and was visibly upset.  He said Samuel is going to need surgery.  He wanted to see him again in 3 mos.

 That Sunday, Roger took him up to the front of our church and had him prayed over.  Samuel was told to thank Jesus every day for healing his eyes.  I had some doubts.  He was still crossing his eyes.  How could we call that healed?  But I prayed and asked for help with my faith.  I then asked God if Samuel should still be wearing glasses.  I was leaning toward keeping him in glasses until I could see he was better, but told God that if Sam should not be wearing glasses to please make that clear to me.  A couple hours later his glasses broke.  Just broke.  I was holding them about to straighten out a spot that was slightly off when they just came apart in my hands.  I took that as an answer and he hasn't worn glasses since--except once when he ran across a pair and wore them for about an hour "just because."  He's 6.  That's really all the reason we need.

Today it was time for his check up.  I was so nervous.  This doctor really cares about the kids and I was sure I was going to get a good long lecture about making him wear his glasses all the time.  I kept praying and asking God to lead me in my words and actions so that He could get whatever glory He wanted from this situation.

First came the vision screening.  He had no glasses on at all.  They asked me and I said they broke.  I didn't say they broke 2 days after the last appointment and were under warranty so I could have had them fixed, but didn't think God wanted him to wear them.  I just said they broke.  A note was made in his chart.  They did the screening without them.  He flew through the exam and had 20/20 vision and saw the 3D stuff popping off the page at him.  I was getting excited.

Then we went in to see the doctor.  He looked at his chart and had a confused look on his face.  Then he looked at Samuel's eyes.  Back to the chart, the computer, his eyes, he seemed a bit flustered.  Finally he said, "There is actually some positive change here."  He looked some more, gave the assistant a new prescription because the glasses broke, then looked some more.  Commented again about the improvement in his eyes and that he could wait a year for another checkup, then I couldn't hold back anymore and blurted, "We had his eyes prayed over."  Just as my daughter Faith predicted would happen, suddenly he changed his attitude and commented that he still crosses his eyes up close, we just don't see it.  He looked at Samuel and told him to wear those glasses every day, and the appointment was over. 

We go back in a year.  I think I'm going to keep following God's advice.  He seems to be doing a great job!  We will continue to pray over his eyes anytime we see crossing (although it's been over a month since I've seen it), thank Jesus for healing Samuel, and get his eyes checked as needed.

God is good all the time and sometimes it's more evident to my narrow view of things than others.  This one is pretty obvious and I'm so thankful to SEE it. :)