Saturday, October 30, 2010

Guard Dogs

Faith was driving to a baby-sitting gig last Tuesday when a deer ran across the road. She swerved to miss it (she was successful) and ended up stuck in a ditch beside the road (the truck was fine, thanks). When Melissa and I arrived she was standing beside the truck looking upset. There was a man in a one-ton truck parked beside her on the road. My first impression of the scene was that my daughter had a guard dog taking care of her. He had chains and helped pull her truck out of the ditch and drove away. Small towns in rural America remain a blessing to those who live in them. There are things we don't have because we don't have the population to justify the business investment, but we do have each other and that seems to be more than enough.

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Anonymous said...

Small Town America has a lot to offer! It is easier to see the wonderful people around us. Glad she survived her encounter with the ditch and was sent a guard dog.