Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A New Room

It's been ages since I've blogged, hasn't it?  I've composed a few blogs in my head, but I guess that doesn't count.

For most people, December is a busy month.  We don't celebrate Christmas which means in some ways it is very peaceful around here. It also means while everyone else is busy running around shopping (we avoid the stores at this time of year because that spirit of love is really hard to find at the stores right now!!) and partying, we get stuff done around the house.

This year we had a project to work on.  We moved into a house where we didn't have to paint or re-do anything and it was such a welcome break.  We still have houses to fix and finish in Coleman, so there's always plenty to do, but we could rest at home.  The trouble is, after a little more than a year here, it was time to start fixing some of the little problems we saw. 
  1. Our living room is too small.  We've looked at it from every angle and there was no good solution to make this room bigger.  We miss having a room we can all be together in comfortably.
  2. The girls were way over on the other side of the house.  It bothered me that if my little Gloria woke with a nightmare, I couldn't hear her.  She'd have to cry until a big sister took care of her.  They are wonderful sisters, but they aren't Mom.
  3. When we tuck kids in at night we have to go up one flight of stairs to tuck in the boys, then up a separate flight of stairs to tuck in the girls.  I'm sure the exercise is good for us, but at the end of the day it's not nice.  And if someone forgot their car they sleep with or drink or whatever, it could mean extra trips.  Not fun.
  4. The girls were in the Game Room above the garage.  It made for a nice big room for them, but there was no bathroom.  It couldn't have been nice to have to go downstairs and across the house in the middle of the night.
None of these things are so awful that we ever really complained.  We love our house.  It's a great house.  But one morning I woke up feeling panicked that we needed to move the girls closer.  I don't know why.  I just couldn't let go of it that day.  So I prayed.  I wanted God to take away the anxiety or show me how to fix it.  I got this little vision of Gwen sleeping in the crib in the corner of the study.  Uh, yeah, right.  Like that would ever work.  How could she sleep without being able to shut her door?  The other kids would wake her up all the time.  And where would we put all our books?  I'm asking these questions of my Great and Wonderful Heavenly Father as if He'd just given me the stupidest idea ever.  Not very nice of me, but I'm just telling you the real story here.  So being the really smart God that He is, He knew I'd never get it on my own.  So He told me to share the idea with Roger.  I did.

Roger's response was to say Yes and then expand with how we just add a wall and make it a bedroom.  He then went on and knew exactly how to change it all around and make it work.  So we did.

Tonight the kids are all sleeping in bedrooms above mine.  I can hear them all coughing and snoring right now.  It's wonderful to hear them.  If the girls wake up and need to go to the bathroom, no problem, it's right there.  To tuck them in we went up one flight of stairs and managed to get them all tucked in.  I'll still have to make multiple trips (especially if I get a tractor instead of a car for Ezra to sleep with or perhaps a car instead of a tractor--depends on the night) but still, only one staircase.  Not one for him and another to get to Joy and Gloria while Ezra gets out of control because I'm now so far away . . . And when I am sleeping, if anyone wakes with nightmares, I should be able to hear it.  If I ever get to bed that is.  It's approaching midnight as I type.

So the only thing left on the list is the too small living room.  We hope to have that fixed by the end of the week.  With the girls out of the game room, we now have a Family Room.  We've already moved all the books, computers, and desks up there.  We plan to move the tv, some seating, and even our popcorn popper up there.  As Samuel put it, "Mom, now I'll have a place to go where I can do anything I want."  Now, while that SOUNDS like he thinks there are no rules, I am choosing to believe that's not what he means.  We can do school, read, watch a movie, and play on the computer all in that room and the important thing is, WE ALL FIT.

So now the house is done, right?  Nope.  There was one other thing.  It's dark.  We like a bright house.  We had two choices.  We could paint the house a brighter color OR we could re-wire everything and add more lights.  Yes, we were tempted. But we chose to go the easy route and paint. 

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