Monday, February 21, 2011

Just One Batch

Cooking around here takes a lot of food.  We have a cookbook from the Momys (Mothers of Many Young Siblings) where the recipes are designed to feed about 8 people.  We have to double those recipes.  When we use a regular recipe that feeds about 4 people, we triple or quadruple it.  I am accustomed to this as are my older 3 daughters.  It's nothing for us to need 9 cups of flour in a recipe.

Last week I made just one batch of muffins--a dozen.  I was amazed when I first saw 1 3/4 c flour.  I scanned through the recipe looking for the rest of the flour when I realized that was it and laughed at myself.  Again when I got to the eggs and it called for 1 egg I laughed out loud and said, "Only one?"

Today Faith is making cookies.  She decided to make oatmeal and reminisced a bit about the time Grammy made oatmeal cookies and forgot the oats and they were good anyway. Faith is making just one batch and substituting xylitol and honey for sugar since several of us are sick right now. So she got started and said, "Where's the rest of the flour? Only 1 cup?"  A bit later she exclaims, "Only one?" Sure enough, she was to the point of needing eggs.  We both laughed about how weird it is to not need a half dozen eggs when making something.

She had most of the cookies on the baking sheet when she yelled, "Now I know how she did it!"  Had it not been for Gloria asking, "aren't you making oatmeal cookies?" Faith would have forgotten the oats.  We've long joked that she cooks like her grandmother who has a tendency to forget she's cooking and burn things.  Now we know it to be true.  I guess sometimes those intelligent people get a bit scatterbrained and forget crucial steps in cooking.  It's okay.  We love you both anyway!  And in Faith's defense, she did have a lot of math to do to substitute the xylitol and honey for the sugars.

Can't wait to taste those cookies!  Gotta eat dinner first though!

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