Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Long Night

A new record was set at our house last night.  Longest night's sleep for a baby. 

I put Gwen to bed at 9pm last night.  She had a bit of a fever and sounded hoarse--like maybe a sore throat.  I had just changed her diaper, but decided to change her again in case she slept late.  Good decision.

5pm this evening she woke up.  Thanks to my sister we have a video monitor. (I used to think they were a silly waste of money.  Boy have I changed my tune since Julie gave me one!) I was able to see her and check on her all day long.  I missed her!  Sometimes I just stopped what I was doing and stared!

I did get a lot done today though.  But 20 hours is rather excessive!!  Then she went right back to bed at 9pm tonight.  Poor baby has a fever still though so if anyone wants to pray for quick healing we'd sure appreciate it!

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