Friday, May 27, 2011

The State of My Health

Many of those commenting on the article about us, A Dozen Blessings, seem concerned about my health.  That perhaps having all these babies is hard on my health and I might not live until menopause.

Okay, first I had to stop laughing at that one.  Now I can go on and write this post.

I guess I can't give an official word from my doctor.  I haven't seen a doctor in, oh, something like 10 years and that was a complete waste of time and money.  My midwives have not seemed concerned about my health.  They don't consider me a high risk pregnancy in spite of my age (43.25 yrs) or number of children I have had.

About the only health concerns I've ever heard from medical professionals regarding myself would be the time when I was about 21 that a doctor told me that I would probably never be able to conceive a baby, and the time after our 7th child was born that the ultrasound showed blockage in one of my fallopian tubes.  The diagnosis was 50% reduction in fertility, but the doctor said why worry about that with 7 children already.  We agreed.  If God wanted us to have more babies, He would make sure it happened.  And if not, we're happy with what we have. 

I eat a healthier than average diet.  I have never been a smoker.  I don't eat at fast food restaurants anymore--I think it's been 5 or 6 years now.  I haven't had a taste of alcohol since my first pregnancy.  You know how when you are pregnant or nursing you are extra careful with your diet and even what medicines you might take?  Imagine how healthy you would be if you were that careful for 22 years straight.  Yep, that's me.  How many women can say that?

The risk of many cancers decreases when you are not ovulating or menstruating.  By next week I'll have been pregnant 106 months of my life.  In addition to that I have had about 6 mos of suppressed cycles due to nursing after each baby so that's another 66 mos.  So there's a total of 172 mos of no cycles.  That's good for me.  I'm not citing sources of info here because I've read it in so many places now that I consider it common knowledge.

Most people look at me and wonder how I keep so trim and young.  Um, maybe it's all the kids? Maybe it's my healthy diet? Maybe it's a blessing from God because He has this plan for me to keep up with all these kids? Maybe it's just genetic.  My 92 yr old grandmother had 8 children and is still going strong.  She bowls 3 nights a week!

Aside from fertility issues, every doctor or midwife that has ever been my caregiver has agreed.  I was built for having babies.  My body snaps back and does well with it.  I do have an abdominal issue where my muscles are split--called diastasis recti--and can get quite uncomfortable.  I've been praying through that this pregnancy and so far the prayer is helping a lot.  I have a Great Physician who is the best Healer ever.  If you haven't met Him, you ought to give Him a call because there is no one better.  It's easy to reach Him.  Just bow your head in prayer and He's listening.  No long wait in His waiting room and no insurance needed.

If I live long enough to reach menopause, it's because God has given me the blessing to live that long.  He has numbered my days and He decides when I will live or die.  But meanwhile, as the steward of the body He has given me, I am working to keep it working great.  I intend to live a full and happy life and in order to do that, I need to maintain the best possible health.  So far I've been successful with that.

I probably could stand to exercise more, but other than that I bet it would be hard to find many forty-something mothers in better health.

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Jenn said...

Whew THERE is THE elephant in the room.haha I have been trying to figure out how you are so thin after all of those kiddos. Ok and insanely jealous. I don't eat right and just quit smoking finally so it's not like I can't figure out why I am
I admire you and love these posts. The other one hit me hard about how you need fellowship with other moms just like anyone else. I am intimidated by you for sure. You seem to have it all together but I suppose all moms try and make it seem that way. I also feel like I am not Christian enough for you to consider me as a friend. I don't think I know any hymns at all lol. I apologize and if anytime you need to talk to someone, I am willing to listen and help for sure if I can. You have my number! Thank you for your blog, it is really honest and I love that!