Friday, June 24, 2011

Doing It All

Our cow has been giving us some delicious milk lately and we are feeling so excited to get to drink it!  I've been in several conversations with people where they ask if I'm making my own butter with the cream.  When I say no, they just look so disappointed in me!

Let me point something out here.  There are 12 people living in my house.  I don't do all the cooking and cleaning because we work together and that greatly lightens the load, but I am primarily responsible for it all.  If no one else feels like cooking, I do it.  If someone is gone for the hour/day/week that a job needs to get done, I do it.  It's a lot!  It's bearable and I'm grateful for the blessings that I have, but it's still a lot of work.

I just can't really do it all.  I have my limits.  I bake bread occasionally, but too often we just buy it. Claire is 13 now and becoming our expert Artisan Bread baker. (Google Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day. I don't have time to do it for you right now.  It's worth your time!) and she loves that bread enough she makes time to bake it for dinner.  Home made bread is better.  It's healthier, less expensive, and way yummier.  But we only get 24 hours a day and I am finding that at this stage of pregnancy, sleep is a must. Home made butter is the same.  It's healthier, yummier, and less expensive.  But it's a LOT of work.  First you skim the cream, then you shake it, then you rinse it, then salt it, and only then is it ready to put in some sort of container for storage (and that container will be another thing to wash later). And it's not like we just use a little bit of butter.  We're talking more than a pound a week.  And did I mention we love our milk? We aren't currently skimming cream off it, so we'd have to give up quantity and quality in our milk to get the cream so we could do all that work to have butter.  It's more than an hour's work to get a pound of butter which I could buy at the store for under $3.

So I just kinda wanted to remind everyone that people have to prioritize what they do themselves and what they buy or pay someone to do.  Don't try to lay a guilt trip on someone just because they choose different priorities than you do.  We all have our own lives to live.  Which means also that if you've read something on this blog that I do that leaves you feeling bad because you don't, stop it!  I'm not judging anyone for what they do or don't do themselves.  I write this blog because I like to write.  Sometimes I think things I say might help someone, but it is in no way intended to make you feel like you should work harder (unless you're lazy and just sit around reading blogs ALL day long, then you should get up and do something!) or change your life to fit mine.

Now, if someone wants to come over and make us some butter with our cream from our cow, we might let ya! ;)  We might even share.


AnnG said...

I can't imagine how busy you are just taking care of daily tasks. The thought of adding more work to your already busy schedule would just send me over the edge....not to mention being pregnant! for those that would criticize you for not making butter?? They need to get a life!!

Karen of TX said...

Yes, I feel bad because you actually write in your blog and I've abandoned mine! I keep saying I'll get back to it, but in the meantime I'm glad one of us is writing. Miss you!

susie said...

LOL Melissa. I buy butter too. Last week, I was making whipped cream for our fourth of July dessert. I had already added the sweetener. I was doing too many things at once and all of a sudden I heard the slop slop slop sound of butter in the mixer. I have no idea what to do with it. I suppose I could make grain free pancakes or grain free muffins... Thank you for sharing Melissa. it is good to have the freedom to do what each of us needs for our families.

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa...I am on Christians facebook...Ruth ONeill here...saw you have a face book bpage then hit your blog! Reference the butter: I grew up on Jerseyraw milk. We milked, strained thru cheesecloth into a glass gallon jar, cooled in a sink of cold water, refridgerated it, skimmed it, getting nearly a quart for every gallon! Then the glass quart jar got dumped into a blender. Time it for 60 seconds, and Voila! Fresh butter!Scoop it out of the butter milk, paddle it to squeeze excess milkout, and you have only a couple of minutes involved! Do you have a blender? Just thought I would share! When is your baby due? Congratulations on the baby calf. I love baby cows! Congratulations on the new baby also...blessings to you all. Ruth Boniek ONeill Oh, buy the way, the buttermilk works great for banana bread, biscuits, cat milk, etc. and I am not criticizing you whatsoever...just informing it is less than 5 minute process and an easy and fun one for a kid..I loved using a wide wooden spoon to paddle it!