Monday, July 11, 2011

All Things Work Together For Good

Saturday night just after midnight we got a call that one of our cows had to be put down due to dogs attacking. We didn't know which cow it was.  We still had 3 cows left on that property--Esther who is waiting for us to have room in the freezer, Stella who is a mean, nasty jersey, and Flo who is our best milk cow.  So Roger got up and went to Coleman (an hour away) to find out what was going on.

It was Stella.  It was a relief because of the 3 she was the one least disappointing to lose.  But still, no one wants to lose a cow.  And then it turns out the dogs belonged to the people renting our house and they didn't care.  That's a whole other nightmare we need to deal with.

We were pretty upset about the whole thing.  Roger came home and finally got a bit of sleep, but had to leave again first thing in the morning to get our remaining two cows and bring them here.  We really don't have enough land here to support 3 cows (those 2 plus Bella--Roger's favorite cow that hates me.  If she weren't a cow I'd be jealous.  She's the one currently giving us milk though.) but we needed to do something to keep them safe until the dogs are gone. 

Flo and Esther both looked pretty bad.  They had cuts and scrapes from running through barbed wire to get away from the dogs.  And there are bites on them.  Flo looked like she was either about to give birth or recently had.  Her udders were full.  Roger thought she looked ready to give birth, but someone more experienced with animals said no, she had already.  So he figured he was wrong and wanted to try milking.  She's a mess and he did his best to doctor her up, but said she seemed to have bad mastitis.  We prayed for her and figured a visit to the vet was in line as soon as we could get her there.

We've both struggled with anger, but figure it doesn't do any good and we try to let it go.  It's hard.  But little things happen to brighten our days.  For example, this evening I was about to make dinner.  I looked out the window and saw a baby deer in our cow pasture "playing" with our rooster.  Fighting, playing, what's the difference, right?  No one got hurt and it was so cute to watch.  So Clark went outside with the binoculars to watch them.  Roger got some video of it.  Then Clark came in and calmly said, "there's a calf in the pen with Flo."  WHAT?!? We'd been convinced she'd had the calf and figured the dogs had got it.  So we went out to check and sure enough, there's an adorable brand new baby calf in the pen.  And it's a girl! 

Before all this, we didn't even realize Flo was pregnant.  She carries well and it barely shows.  Had we not brought her home because of the dogs, we'd have totally missed out.  And chances are, the dogs would have gotten this calf.  Our last two or three calves just "mysteriously disappeared" out there.  But this one would have been an even greater loss because she's a full blooded jersey and will probably be a great milk cow in a couple years!

So we searched for names that mean "Blessed" because we know we are.  Gwen is already taken by our daughter so we went with Trixie.

Meet Trixie, just hours old at most.